Strengthen strengths

We support companies, entrepreneurs, executives and people who have taken responsibility in the state and society to successfully master special challenges. It can be the development of a corporate strategy, or the successful solution of a conflict between shareholders, owners or in a team.

We are sought-after partners of business,government and society for mediation,  multistakeholder dialogue processes, further development of corporate culture, mission statement development, strategy development, leadership development and personal coaching.


Shaping the present from the future

Special challenges require new approaches. Then it is helpful to think together with experienced experts and to create solutions that are efficient and sustainable. We work as experienced entrepreneurs with you on an equal footing and make sure that we tackle the problems thinking from their solution. Together with you, we create the future that you aspire. Instead of coming up with ready-made concepts, we develop individual solutions together with you. So you know what you and your company needs to do today to make your future a reality.

Our dialogical methods strengthen you, your team and your company. Building on a common understanding of the challenges, we work together to develop a path to a solution that consists of a variety of components and methods. We always choose the intervention that promises the greatest possible impact with the least amount of effort. We are always excited about how exciting solutions can be created when shared thinking becomes possible.


Competence Areas

– Customized Trainings for Leadership Development
– Developing new corporate culture to cope with the challenges in disruptive times
– Design thinking, agile management, conflict management, leadership skills
– Mediation and Conflict Resolution
– Employer Branding and Personal Branding
– Senior and Top Management Coaching
– Stress and Health Management


Partner for cooperative solutions

We accompany companies and entrepreneurs into the future. We challenge you and your team to mental sparring. We set the external impulses that stimulate your reflection. Without reflection, no innovation. We offer orientation knowledge and concrete solutions for everything that counts.

We are a boutique consulting company with the strength of an international network of experts globally active for our costumers.

> Dr. Thomas R. Henschel
> Anke Weinmar
> SIGNET colleague



(Deutsch) Mediative Kompetenzen – ein wesentlicher Schlüssel um gut aus der Krise herauszukommen

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