The flight is long and in the morning asks the friendly lady who goes through the ranks, whether you would also come on the cruise to Antarctica. The positive answer leads to some confusion, as it does not find my name on your list. Well, I came to Argentina to do a workshop together with the head of an international team for his executives. The Antarctic ride has to wait.

International teams today face many challenges. On the one hand, they find themselves in rapidly changing markets, with whose pace the organizational development can no longer keep up. It is even questionable whether existing governance models are appropriate for the current and future challenges. However, it is already clear that a single boss would be completely overwhelmed by the dynamics and complexity of the issues that collapse on him. Diverse studies have shown that the different competencies and perspectives of teams are much better suited to respond to complexity with effective and good solutions. Provided they manage themselves well. That’s why I came to Buenos Aires. Together, we want to promote in a workshop the skills that are necessary to use as a team, the diversity of perception and thinking patterns so that each team member can contribute optimally to the shaping of the future.

In the workshop, we therefore work with cognitive science outcomes and link these latest insights into how our brains communicate with each other, with the consequent consequences for self-direction and leadership. Based on new insights and insights, not only are communication skills promoted, but the team itself is developing processes for a new togetherness that is better suited to the challenges of complexity. The changes are that the evaluation will result three months after the workshop, sustainable. The team now not only solves complex challenges with more mutual respect, making much better use of the variety of experiences and thought patterns, but also the bottom line, which means the result has also improved significantly. It is now not just more work, but different and this other makes everyone involved fun and brings success.