In the face of changing markets, the management of a medium-sized company wants to develop a new strategy before the changes are so serious that it is only possible to react.

To set new goals, it can be helpful to change your perspective. It makes sense to visit inspirational places. Places where one can let one’s gaze wander and where one comes to other thoughts. The choice falls on a small place at a large lake. In a new environment it is easy to approach things differently. With the help of our provided structure for the development of corporate strategy, the management comprehensively analyzes their environment. What challenges does our company face? How exactly are the markets and our environment changing? Which social trends influence our business segment? How are customer demands and requirements for us as an employer changing in the face of new expectations of a new generation?

Edit complexity smartly and not reduce it

It is essential for us that we help our partners not to lose sight of the complexity of their task. Human thought patterns tend to reduce the complexity of any task quickly by focusing on one or two factors that we consider relevant based on previous experience. The problem is that we do not necessarily have our previous experience to reflect on it. There is therefore a likelihood that even in new challenges we will only find our own proven thinking and decision-making patterns. The danger is therefore real that we overlook what is really new and thus make decisions that are more influenced by the past than by being masters of our own future. We support our partners in using their freedom. Together we identify the relevant success factors, evaluate them and therefore understand their effects in the overall system so well that together we can make the appropriate decisions. In doing so, we create the necessary foundations to create a future that is more than the continuation of the old.

When we know where the journey is going, we begin to develop the strategy. What decisions must be made today for this future to become a reality? How do we ensure that potential risks do not materialize? How do we take our managers and employees on the journey? The result is a comprehensive strategic approach that includes sufficient planning and flexibility to provide security while responding adequately to predictable and unpredictable events.

Multi-perspectivity leads to better results

The drive to the sea was worth it. In two days, we have thought intensively, have used the freedom to go unfamiliar ways and playfully take unusual perspectives. We’ve looked at things from all angles and developed common criteria for knowledge-based decisions, culminating in a comprehensive new corporate strategy that will future-proof the business, secure existing business, and create new solutions for a bright future.