In internationally operating companies, managers are faced with increasing complexity. Proven planning concepts fall short. Strictly hierarchical structures are proving too sluggish to cope with the dynamically changing markets. Studies show that teams that succeed in integrating the different skills and diversity of perspectives for all are more innovative, better at managing problems and challenges, and more economically successful overall. The high level of complexity and dynamics present managers with new challenges. Decisions have to be made, even if not everything can be planned. It takes the skills of everyone in the team to find good solutions. This requires a high self-control competence of all parties involved and places increased demands on the leadership and communication skills of the executives.

Together with international companies for an innovative leadership culture

For many years we have been the partner of several international companies from different economic sectors. Whether in the pharmaceutical, lifestyle or logistics industry, the impact of the global economy is everywhere. They require new continuing education and training for managers. Together with the experts of the companies, we develop innovative concepts for international managers. We train executives from all countries in intensive seminars and workshops and accompany them in their challenging and responsible tasks.

Immediate success and long-term strategies

Everyone who has experience in further education knows this effect: The training was exciting, but the implementation into everyday life does not succeed. Nobody can be interested in such results. At SIGNET, we’ve developed concepts that help executives apply their new skills directly to accomplish their tasks. With amazing successes. We succeed in doing so because we work closely with the companies right from the start and listen carefully. Our concepts are also developed in close cooperation with the target groups of the trainings. This allows us to perform exactly the training that the participants need. And in training, executives learn the tools and methods they need to help with implementation. Implementation and implementation is of paramount importance to us. Through our wide range of practical experience, the latest cognitive science findings and methods and our close cooperation with those responsible in the company, we can ensure that the participants of our seminars and workshops receive the best possible support. It not only learns something new that is exciting and relevant to practice, but the participants are enabled by us to use their new skills directly.

Everyone benefits from this.