Anke Weinmar

Anke Weinmar

Organizational developer, mediator, coach, moderator, trainer, tax consultant

“It’s not about avoiding disputes or conflicts. Not the what but the how I think it’s crucial. To lead a constructive exchange on the really relevant topics while respectfully interacting with each other opens, in my experience, doors that would otherwise remain closed. What’s behind the door? Future. Future that you have designed yourself and can continue to change. Because the future is not written yet.”

Anke Weinmar is a woman in her forties who has energy and appreciates thinking times. She believes that it always makes a difference to escape for a moment the high speed and the rigorous demands of our everyday life and take the time to reflect on topics, impressions, goals and questions. Why is that important to her? Because each of us gets more clarity and satisfaction for our own actions.

She brings this conviction and a lot of competence and experience to her work as a SIGNET consultant. She sees herself as a sparring partner for common thinking. She is thrilled that the exchange of people leads to results that create new possibilities. Their strength is to create individually fitting spaces for thought. She is witty and imaginative. Quiet and lively at the same time. She is always looking for possibilities. She always has the goal and benefits in view.

She lives with her family in Berlin, works all over Germany. Her commitment and laughter are infected.


Already during her studies in mathematics she was faced with the question of how theories, numbers, logic and contexts are filled with life, so that practical benefits can arise. Later, Ms. Goldammer showed her one. An accountant in a print shop in Berlin with the glasses at the place where she is supposed to sit with accountants – on the half of her nose. A wonderful and experienced woman whom she took as a young student she was then and showed how the system of equations accounting worked, how past can be depicted, and what relevance these numbers can have for the present and the future. And also where their limits are. That was interesting. And it was interesting to work with people. People who took responsibility for areas, companies, teams. To be close to them, to learn from them, to be able to support them better and better.

This experience led to the surprise of their environment in the tax advice. In their view, a great opportunity to work with people and to gain experience not just in one industry but in different industries. And to learn practical tools.

She unlocked the tax expertise and took her tax consultant exam. And as a tax consultant and law firm owner for medium-sized companies, she was a partner for tax and design issues.

During this time, she worked for many exciting entrepreneurial personalities, dealt with highly interesting issues, was allowed to work with a team of committed and competent employees. In doing so, she increasingly followed her tendency not to see taxes as a basic basis for decision-making, but to put them at the bottom of the decision-making chain of entrepreneurs. And therefore first of all to deal with the entrepreneurial thoughts and ideas in order to then pay attention to the tax structure in the implementation.

She was very fond of working with her clients, working with the team and developing the company.

Another very attractive project attracted additional attention during this time. What if lone fighters were not lone fighters, but teamed up? What would happen if tax consultancy firms, which apparently work for themselves, cooperate with one another. So stay autonomous and still do something together. What an attractive idea at this time. What does it take for such cooperation to bring real added value from independent economic entities? What structure is needed to make such cooperation possible? Interesting questions. As co-founder and managing director of this cooperation company, she dealt with exactly that. And she managed to establish a real peculiarity in the industry at this time together with the participating law firms. A separate magazine was developed, cooperative models discussed and tried out, synergy effects sought, common goals repeatedly debated and determined.